History of Ekcan

Establishment of Ekcan Architecture 1975
1994 Establishment of Ekcan Automative
Establishment of Ekcan Insurance 1996
2003 Establishment of Fa Yapı
Establishment of Kefaluka Resort Hotel 2009
2009 Establishment of Ek Tur

1975 Establishment of Ekcan Architecture

1985 Establishment of Ekcan Automative

1996 Establishment of Ekcan Insurance

2003 Establishment of Ek Tur

2009 Establishment of Kefaluka Resort Hotel

2014 Establishment of Fa Yapı

An Overview of Ekcan

Established in 1975 with the mission of constructing quality and modern buildings at world standards, Ekcan Group Companies started its operations with construction Istanbul and Kocaeli.

Ekcan Construction, which plays an important role in the construction sector with its quality buildings, has become one of the leading companies in its sector. It has completed infrastructure and upper structure contracts in many Public Institutions and Organizations especially in İstanbul, Kocaeli, Edirne, Zonguldak, Kastamonu, Muğla and constructed turn-key projects. Ekcan Construction has raised the standards in the construction sector and adopted the principle of going one step further in every project it has done. In line with this principle, it has added tourism, automotive, hotel management, construction materials, insurance, defense industry and mining to its fields of activity.

Goals and Principles

– To improve itself continuously with forward looking vision in each project,
– To complete each project at its best,
– To win the approval of its customers, emplotees and the community,
– To be among the leading companies which define the standards in its fields of activities by following the latest developments in the world and Turkey.

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