In 1975, world-class with the mission of quality and established began to build modern structures Ekcan Group of Companies began in Kocaeli and İstanbul, with the Make-Sell bussines style. EK-CAN Developing Company has became an important actor in the construction sector with high quality production, after 1985, particularly in Istanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Zonguldak, Kastamonu and Muğla, including many provinces in infrastructure and superstructure commitments of the Public Institutions and Organizations, turnkey by constructing the facility, it has become one of the leading companies in the industry. EK-CAN Developing Company, wich has been raising standarts in the construction industry and make every project a step further adopted as principle, has added the tourism,operates, automotive, petroleum, insurance sector. In 2006, EK-CAN Group began the built in Bodrum Kefaluka Resort wich has tourism investment activity and in 2009 opened it’s first five-star hotel . The design is blended in harmony with nature Kefaluka Resort,wich is the best place as one of the 15 judges elected to put Akyarlar on down of the hill, was built of 50,000 m2 area and by the sea. Generating projects world-class, with a planned and sustainable growth policy, EK-CAN Enterprises has Insurance and Brokerage Services areas Group in Kocaeli and Istanbul, the automotive sector in Kocaeli,at the tour site Tourism and Travel Agencies affiliated with the unconditional satisfaction policyIt continues its remaining operations. With the constant and unchanging goal is to create added value for all stakeholders increasingly EK-CAN Group of Companies from all activities of international corporate governance standards, customer satisfaction, engages in social and social responsibility principles. In the same line with our targets we decided in 2014 EK-CAN Group of companies in activities due to the division our group will continue under the name Ekcan Architecture Engineering Construction Automotive Industry and Trade Company. Ekcan in each sector wich is moving operates with maximum efficiency and effectiveness principle, developed and continues to ride with efficiency-focused growth strategy and is among the leading companies in the industry.

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