The basic policy of our company of Human Resources, the basis of what made so far is to create a team with high performance and improvements to be made in human resources and development efforts.

Our company ‘s principle "people first" in accordance with which they will work efficiently to all our employees, we are striving to create an environment where relationships based on mutual respect and trust. We are aware that "HUMAN RESOURCES"   have the most important elements for continuous improvement. The largest share in the success of our company is, more than anything selfless work, young,  dynamic and highly qualified professional staff.

Our goal is to capture great success together as a family, always signing with larger projects. In this regard we offer our employees opportunities to develop itself in the following attributes:

Our employees efficient, and ensure that the outstanding success-oriented,
Our employees to make open to change and innovation,
Overall quality of our employees, cost and time to adopt the concept of management,
Rewarding our employees according to their performance objectives and competencies,
We have adopted as the continuous improvement of the working environment and ergonomics mission.