FA-CONSTRUCTION Limited Company, wich to serve the construction sector was established in 2003 with the aim of uniting with Ekc Group of Companies in 2007, continues to the service at their new plaza by the Gölcük road. Assign accomplished many major innovations in the construction sector FA-STRUCTURE,about kitchen and bathroom renovation ideas of the settlement led by the contemporary and kitchen and bathroom design, has managed to became one of the most important addresses. 

FA- STRUCTURE  has been living major structural changes in 2009, with Eczacıbaşı Corporation’s significant marketing in Turkey of all product sales and has became a partner. Authorized dealer and service partnerships with understanding marketing and competitive advantages in the market supported by increased sales issues.
Within the scope of the participating experts and FA- STRUCTURE  with increasingly expanding service areas, modern kitchen and bathrooms have distinguished in 2009 and came to the versatile design with leading companies engaged in sales positions.
For years, the "customer-oriented" FA- STRUCTURE  has adopted the service approach, taking further work in this area continues to develop well before and after sales service tradition.
FA - STRUCTURE initiated expert sales staff to create the structure and spread to an authorized sub-point channel structure, providing standardization and service quality in the showcase. FA-STRUCTURE fulfilling all phases of a project from the drawing stage until the realization of "turnkey" is undertaking the project.