Ekcan  Insurance Services Limited Company
By Ekcan Group wich was established in 1996 to engage in insurance activities.At Izmit center, way over Kullaryolu it serves at Ekcan Plaza.


- Our objectives are not quantitative, they are qualitative.
- Being good, constantly good and capture the quality are our primary principles.
- Quality of service expected from our company to the importance of the care and attention shown.
- The opinions of our employees are always at the forefront of our goals and strategies.
- Continuous training for continuous improvement and motion.
- and our goal is to provide continuity  in the services offered to create a system integrity, implement, supervise.
- The aim is individual of every  and section profit.
- It is essential to the efficient use of resources and avoid waste.
- The vertical and horizontal communication within the company paid attention in practice is very important.
- To survive until the final round of the competition.
- Work with our mind, heart and soul and cling our bussines with them.