Opel’s roots goes back more than a century. For more than 110 years of looking confidently to the future, we devote all our energy to make it more valuable your ride. Passionate engineering covering a period of over 110 years are summarized in the new guidelines: “Wir leben Autos”.

Ekcan Group in 1975,it started it’s career  service in 1985 with taking in the automotive sector and also operates in Kocaeli Ekcan Opel Plaza has built its own.

In Ekcan Opel Plaza, you may find service, spare parts, 2.hand, accessories, insurance, warranty and support services.

“Wir leben Autos”, is our passion, our commitment, our attention in detail, our responsibility, our intention and of course is our self-confidence.

This is the way we are.
Opel. Wir leben Autos.